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Karlakórinn Heimir (The Heimir Men's choir) was founded the 28. of December in the year 1927 and has been active ever since. From the beginning Karlakórinn Heimir has been a companionship of enthusiastic amateurs. The main scope of Karlakórinn Heimir's activities has been the region of Skagafjörður in the northern part of Iceland, from ancient times the region has been known for a strong tradition in singing, both religious and popular folk singing. Through the years, Karlakórinn Heimir has been a cornerstone of culture in Skagafjörður and staged a numerous recitals both in region and out. Besides recitals all around Iceland, Karlakórinn Heimir has traveled widely outside of Iceland and held recitals for example in Kanada, Israel, Russia and all the Scandinavian countries and among other things appeared on behalf of Iceland at the Hannover World Expo in the year of 2000 during a special day of Iceland.

Karlakórinn Heimir's director of music is Stefán R. Gíslason and the accompanist is dr. Thomas R. Higgerson, pianist.

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