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SigurðurSigurður Bjarki Gunnarsson began cello studies in his home town of Reykjavik, Iceland. He graduated from the Reykjavik College of Music in 1995 where his teacher was Gunnar Kvaran. Sigurður continued his cello studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City under the instruction of David Soyer and received a Bachelor´s degree in 1998. Sigurður enrolled in the graduate program at the Juilliard School of Music in New York in 1998 and received a Master´s degree under the instruction of Harvey Shapiro in 2000. Sigurður has performed in numerous recitals in Iceland, the UK, the US, Canada and Japan in addition to solo appearances with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra. He has also performed with various chamber ensembles in Scandinavia and in the United States. Sigurður Bjarki has been a member of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra since 2002..



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